Apprentice entitlements

As an apprentice, you are just like any other employee and are entitled to the same benefits as full-time workers. In addition, you’ll receive funded training, as eligible apprenticeships are paid for by government and employers. This means you can avoid the debt often associated with attending university. You’ll also benefit from the backing of CCCT’s apprenticeship team from start to finish. We will make sure the workplace components support your career aims and that you meet your training milestones.

Apprentice wages

All apprentices receive the minimum wage of £3.50 per hour, but some employers choose to pay more. As your skills develop, your pay should increase accordingly. You can also receive an additional allowance for essential books, uniforms and equipment, or to help you with a disability. As a studying apprentice, you can also receive a range of travel and council tax discounts.

Find out the current national minimum wage and national living wage rates

Holidays and sick leave

Apprentices receive the same entitlements as other employees, including annual leave, sick leave, public holidays and work breaks. Statutory annual leave is 28 days per year. Some employers might subtract the 8 public holidays from this annual allowance. Sick leave is the same as for other full-time employees.

Employers’ responsibilities

As well as paying you the appropriate national minimum wage, your employer must agree your minimum hours of employment, and provide workplace benefits in line with other employees. This includes a proper induction to your role. Your employer must arrange the agreed on-the-job training and mentoring and contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy if applicable.

Before you start your apprenticeship, your employer will provide you with a work contract and an apprentice agreement. An apprentice agreement outlines details of the relevant skills, trade or occupation related to your apprenticeship and confirms the designated apprenticeship standard you are working towards.

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