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How do I Recruit an Apprentice?

Capital City College Training offer a free recruitment service for employers that will help you employ an apprentice.

Step-by-Step Apprentice Recruitment

The process of apprentice recruitment can often act as a barrier. A lack of knowledge about access to funding and how to recruit an apprentice means many companies don’t have an apprenticeship programme. Find out what’s involved in hiring an apprentice on the Apprenticeship website.

At Capital City College Training, we aim to break down that barrier. You’ll need to create an apprenticeship service account to hire an apprentice. Once this is done we will help you choose an apprenticeship training course, create an apprenticeship opportunity using recruit an apprentice
and we’ll advertise it on find an apprenticeship.

We are here to help you recruit an apprentice as seamlessly as possible – Follow our guide to find out how.

Step 1: Arrange a Free Recruitment Consultation

As part of our one-stop apprenticeship provision, we offer a dedicated recruitment service, free of charge for employers. In an initial consultation, our recruitment experts will gain an understanding of your corporate objectives and talent management strategy; we will work with you to create a campaign that attracts the best candidates.

Our two founding colleges have a talent pool of around 37,000 candidates and we have a strong reputation for providing clear paths to work for learners. We manage the apprentice recruitment process for you – from writing the job specification to arranging your apprentice’s workplace induction.

Call us on 0207 391 6400 or email employer@capitalcct.ac.uk

Step 2: Choose an Apprenticeship Standard

We have links with more than 500 organisations and hundreds of business leaders. These networks equip us with the scope and insight to design our courses for a range of industry occupations.

Our apprenticeships cover a variety of work sectors – from business and commerce to health and social care. Our specialist construction, applied science and digital and technical apprenticeships are helping businesses take advantage of the opportunities in the new economy.

Our experienced teachers and trainers have hands-on industry expertise. All our programmes are designed to fit relevant apprenticeship standards, the industry-approved map of core skills and knowledge needed for a particular job. CCCT will work with you to customise the training to suit your business. We can create an apprenticeship which will create the future workforce for your business and industry.

Register your business so we can match you with an apprentice.

Step 3: Access Funding

Apprenticeships are funded training, supported either by the government’s apprenticeship levy or a 90% government contribution. We will help you understand the new funding arrangements and incentives to make the most of the training funding available for your business.

You might not be aware that your business is already paying into the apprenticeship levy, or how you can access the money. We are on hand to guide you through the process.

Find out more about funding on the government website here.

Step 4: Screening and Selecting Applicants

Our resourcing team will help you promote your vacancy, interview and shortlist applicants – all completely free of charge for employers. CCCT will help you find the right apprentice, whether you are hiring a new recruit or developing someone from your existing team.

CCCT will work with you to design programmes that are uniquely relevant to your workplace. This means your workforce is ready for the future and responsive to our ever-changing and challenging landscape.

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