"The apprentices bring energy, new passion and a fresh set of eyes. Having somebody new come in, asking questions allows us to really stop and re-think the way we’ve always done things."
Lisa Reynolds
Why apprentices are right for us

At Landsec we’ve found having an apprentice really benefits us because we’ve got some fresh young talent coming into the organisation. It’s an opportunity to introduce people to the property industry and of course Landsec and we find that they bring a lovely fresh perspective and they also give us a great understanding of what that younger generation wants as a consumer and as a customer, which plays in beautifully to our organisation and our ability to anticipate the needs of our customer and changing requirements. I think the apprentices bring energy and a new passion and a fresh set of eyes which is really helpful to us because often we find we’ve got the history and baggage of doing things the way we’ve always done them.

Having somebody new come in, asking potentially quite straight forward and innocent questions allows us to really stop and re-think the way we’ve always done things. I think the other aspect that our apprentices bring is that they get the opportunity to rotate around the business, and to be honest the majority of us who sit in a particular department don’t necessarily understand exactly what other departments do and how the whole organisation slots together so they bring brilliant insight in helping us understand that aspect as well. I think the final thing that they bring is that they’re a great advocate for us in our local community - they’re actively involved in our volunteering schemes and they’re fantastic advocates when it comes to recruiting the next generation of apprentices because they’re very keen to get out there and share their stories and their own experiences.

This year we are actually going to recruit five apprentices; we have a number of different streams and opportunities within our operations space, finance and HR and it’s the first time we’ve introduced apprentices in some of those areas this year so I think that’s really a testament to how popular the apprenticeship scheme has been and how successful it’s been to date.