Five fantastic reasons to hire an apprentice

We look at the top five reasons why hiring an apprentice will benefit your business


  1. Fresh perspective

Having a new set of eyes looking at things from a different angle, or a new voice, asking questions you hadn’t thought of, can do wonders for increasing creativity within your business.

Faustine from, London Nest certainly agrees after taking on Sashell and Thuy as apprentices: “They do bring a lot of fresh ideas to the team and creatively we get a new vision of the business.”

Lisa, one of our employers from Landsec, lauds the usefulness of having young people within the business: “The apprentices bring energy, new passion and a fresh set of eyes. Having somebody new come in, asking questions allows us to really stop and re-think the way we’ve always done things.”


  1. Improve productivity and save money

Apprentices will help you make real savings whilst improving your business’ productivity. In a recent Apprenticeship survey 76% of employers said that Apprentices helped them to improve productivity and to be more competitive. They also said that training Apprentices is more cost effective than hiring skilled staff, leading to lower overall training and recruitment costs.

Faustine from London Nest says: “I think having an apprentice is a great opportunity for our business - since we got Sashell and Thuy on board with us last September we did see a big difference in the whole way we manage everything by department; they’re a great support and when I look back at when they first came I can see a big difference in where they are now and the improvements.”

Lauren from Camden Collective also has high praise for her apprentice, Leyah: “Having an apprentice has hugely benefited our business. We’ve seen a huge impact in what we’ve been able to do, take on and things we’ve been able to do in the hub.”


  1. Fill the gaps within your workforce

You can tailor your apprenticeship to suit a skills shortage within any department. Does your growing business need help with its social media and email marketing? Then speak to us, and we’ll help you create a digital marketing apprenticeship designed around your business requirements.


  1. Up-skill your current workforce, regardless of age

Apprenticeships are not just a career step for young people. The apprenticeship levy means that anyone, regardless of age or past qualifications, can become an Apprentice. The levy means that it is now easier to train and develop your workforce, therefore strengthening your organisation in the departments that need it most. If you don’t want to want to fill your skills gap with a new apprentice, you can simply train someone who’s already within your workforce.


  1. See real long term benefits to your business

There are lots of real long term benefits to hiring an apprentice. By investing your time and effort into the apprenticeship scheme, you will be supplied with a workforce that has the skills and qualities that your business requires. You will also have skilled recruits that know every aspect of your business from the ground up. Apprentices tend to stay and progress within the business, which has many benefits, including creating a culture that sees apprentices rising through the ranks and mentoring current apprentices by passing on knowledge and sharing best practices.

It’s just like Lauren from Camden Collective says, who has recently hired her apprentice into a full-time role: “We had a really good experience with Leyah, so decided we were going to recruit a new apprentice as we liked the idea of having our apprentice train up a new apprentice… we had such a great experience first time round so we wanted to do it again!"


Here at Capital City College Training, we are the apprenticeship levy experts. We offer a free one-hour consultation to explain how we can help you hire an apprentice or up-skill existing staff whether you are levy paying or not and make one of the best decisions your company will ever make. Call us on 020 7391 6400 or email